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Mr. Follis is President of the Redding, CA Breakfast Lions Club.  This year he and the club produced their 25th ‘annual’ All-Star basketball game.  The game suffered a 3 year hiatus due to covid, but its back now!  Here is Charlie Follis awarding the MVP plaques for the boys/girls MVP.

The 3rd photo is the MOST EXCITING highlight from the game;the Lions All-Star Academic Scholarship!  Money for the award was garnered from local Lions playing a ‘Scholarship Madness’ pool inside  It marked the 1st scholarship the game produced this decade from our simple bracket-game offering.  Other Lions clubs NATIONWIDE are looking at using this game to help sponsor small book scholarships for worthy student-athletes within their communities.

*** IF the Lions could convert 1% of all the bracketeers to play in 50/50 charity games thru, over $100,000,000 dollars could be raised in support of scholarships for HS student-athletes!  Social gaming thru phone sports game is a vision whose time has come. J


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