Amber came to the attention of the Purelight Educational Collaborative through her math teacher Charlie Follis, one of our original founders. She distinguished herself on campus as a natural leader through her wide range of interests and diverse network of friendships. As the leader of the Black Student Union, her extensive sphere of influence helped to reduce communication gaps between people, replacing walls with bridges of understanding.

Academically speaking, Amber demonstrated continuous improvement throughout her High School experience. She put forth the effort to learn how to master critical skills such as note taking and time management, and made a commitment to attend tutoring as needed. Despite a busy schedule, Amber managed to attend most HS event of significance – often by both planning and attending key events. That demonstrated applied leadership!

Amber is making the most of her current junior college experience, finishing up with her general ed requirements while starting on her major coursework in Psychology. She has applied at UCLA, one of the hardest schools in the nation to transfer into in terms of (limited) acceptance rates. As of right now, she’s UCLA’s future distinguished alum to claim – or lose.

Where ever she ends up completing her undergrad studies, Purelight members are fully confident Amber Harris will continue to make a difference, and be a strong Ambassador for our growing academic nonprofit and its important work(s).