• Harmony wins its first art competition
  • ARTWEEK write-up of laser sculptures
  • Harmony wins right to display in L.A.’s IdeaHouse
  • National Design Awards on Purelight Logo/Letterhead

Harmony Sculpture enters first competition – wins high tech art genre! SAN FRANCISCO:

The Harmony laser sculpture was recently entered in the 34th annual Fremont Art Association Juried competition. The competition was open to artists from all media in the San Francisco Bay area. Harmony was the only high tech artwork to win an award, receiving an ‘Honorable Mention’. Out of approximately 200 entrants, we’re thrilled to come away with the equivalent of a 4th place finish!

Laser Sculptures featured in October’s ARTWEEK

SILICON VALLEY: Charlie Follis was one of only 4 artists whose work was recognized by Glenn Kurtz, New Media Aesthetics Professor at Stanford, and ARTWEEK writer. Glenn’s article discussed highlights from The Art of Digital Technology show in San Jose. According to Glenn: “Charles Follis’ laser art uses sophisticated technology to sculpt in a medium otherwise inaccessible. His beautifully crafted wooden frames and stands hold plexiglas boxes that contain geometrically arranged filaments. These filaments diffract laser beams, projecting spectral shapes onto the inside of the box, or in one case, onto the wall. Most striking, however, is Harmony, a small triangular frame, with a simple wooden cone in the middle. Here the laser bathes the cone in a diffuse back-red shimmer, like a field force, creating the impression simultaneously of waves and particles in motion”. Thank you, Glenn, for your eloqoence in reporting our work to the art community.

Harmony on display in L.A.’s IdeaHouse

BEVERLY HILLS: The Harmony laser sculpture won the rare honor of being selected for display at IdeaHouse, Los Angeles’ premier showcase home. The Harmony laser sculpture is featured in the home theater room of IdeaHouse. IdeaHouse is located on the second floor of LA’s Pacific Design Center, right next to Beverly Hills just south of Santa Monica Boulevard. John Edwards, director of Sunset Studios, selected Harmony for placement in his state-of-the-art home theater room design. Thank you John for awarding us the honor associated with this competitive and prestigious placement.

Purelight wins prestigious National Design Awards

NEW YORK: Purelight / Purepassion, a small Silicon Valley laser arts high tech co-op, recently won 2 nation wide awards for letterhead and logo design. American Corporate Identity 14 awarded graphics design firm GH Bailey it’s ‘Award of Excellence’. The award winning letterhead and logo package featured Purelights’ stunning heart photo in conjunction with simple well matched graphics. Purelight also was the recipient of the Summit Award for Stationary Package, another major honor deeply sought after within the graphic arts design community. Many thanks go to Gwen Hagaman, who has contributed significant work in helping Purelight create an image that matches our arts high aesthetic level. Without Gwens passion, long hours, and persistence, there would be no Purelight / Purepassion today. Special thanks go to her assistants: her son Miles, cats Bailey, Mocha, and Coffee, and the family dog Whiskers.