John is a beneficiary of medical technology, having entered the world 24 weeks as a ‘micro pre-me’ early birth. He weighed-in at a mere 1 pound 11 ounces! What he lacked in stature he made up for in heart. John fought/survived his early ordeal. He is positioning himself to again become a frontline soldier in todays dramatic medical battles, this time via his career choice.

John has demonstrated an adventurous side to his education. He served as a ‘youth ambassador’ for ‘People to People’ – a highly regarded study-abroad organization that helps to promotes world peace. He was amongst 40 California high school students selected to travel from Rome to Silicy, finishing up in Greece over a 4 week period.

John provided leadership to his cadre of student travellers by providing sign-language skills to increase the teen groups range of communication. While John himself has learned to live with a degree of hearing loss resulting from his early birth, he has never allowed that medical prognosis to limit his life options in any meaningful way. He enjoyed speaking English and learning Italian/Greek with native speakers while touring as a youth ambassador.

John is looking forward to tranferring to a 4 year college, and all the adventure that type of change emcompasses. Public and private Universities are slated for visit in the near future. Expensive post-grad work is also on the long-term time horizon. We at ‘Purelight’ are glad to play a small-but-important financial role in John’s higher education journey. Good luck John, and thanks to those who support him/us!