We are proud to announce John Nowell as our 2015 recipient of the prestigious PureLight / PurePassion scholarship.  John is the sixth student to win our ‘book’ scholarship.  He is also our first basketball player to receive this award.  The money behind John’s check originates from Pure-light’s bracket fundraiser “Marchpool.com – the Game within the Game”, which we encourage you to sign-up to play/donate-to byclicking here.John was a leader on the Pioneer high campus on several key levels.  He was a senior participant in the schools acclaimed ‘Leadership’ class.  ‘Leadership’ kids at Pioneer help to foster a positive campus culture by setting examples through student fundraising, event planning, and anti-bullying efforts.  John’s participation on PHS’ highly successful boys Varsity basketball team, and the visibility that came with that success, further transformed him into a role model of sorts for younger students.

With John starting at forward, Pioneer’s 2014/15 varsity team played its way to an outstanding 21-4 record!  The team traveled-to and won the prestigious Surf N’ Slam 16 team holiday tournament in San Diego.  John’s play was instrumental; he was often times fractions-of-a-second faster to the ball then his matched-up competitor, demonstrating both brilliant positioning and decision-making on the court.  In short, his game’s foundation is built on ‘hustle’, resulting in vital team contributions that often times don’t show up in traditional stats summary sheets.View Stats >>

Chapman College in Southern California is John’s new home-away-from-home.  He plans on majoring in Political Science.  John – or ‘Birdman’ as his teammates call him- will be focusing on his studies freshman year, with basketball being relegated to intermurals.  He is a student-athlete in the best interpretation of the term.

John considers himself blessed on several levels – a lucky young man by his own admission. John ‘wants to make the world a better place’.  A small example: he has volunteered to help get his Catholic school connections at San Jose/Mitty involved with ‘Marchpool’ game play, its equally-important gambling awareness curriculum, and fundraising challenge.  He plans to help build-up awareness of our game site, hoping to indirectly help sign-up corporate sponsorship, ultimately resulting in an annual ‘full ride’ scholarship award for economically disadvantaged students. 

A final fun-fact about John: He performed at ‘Championship level’ in Marchpools bracket game during spring 2015.  What was the secret to his bracket’s success?  “Taking every detail provided by the game’s ballot page into account concerning teams, matchups, and travel.”  It’s that attention-to-detail that will help ensure John succeeds in the more stringent higher-stakes games life will engage him to participate/play in.  Congrats again John and enjoy every minute at Whitman!  Good luck with any/all graduate educational lanes that might open up, should you decide to drive through/score over these opportunities as part of your larger game plan J