Why do I need Laser Art / energy in my personal or business environment?

Laser Art allows you to control the mood while enhancing your image.  Purelights’ laser sculptures utilize the most beautiful light in the universe without compromising viewer safety.  Laser Art sculptures allows you to entertain guests within your space/confines with complete confidence!

Charlie Follis, Laser Sculptor – with primary vision implementation assistance from Rich Johnson

Harmony Laser Sculpture

Laser sculptures

The triangular shaped Harmony sculpture evoke a sense of awe.  This emotion is especially true amongst younger viewers, and other newcomers unfamiliar with its subtleties.  Laser light has unique specular physical qualities inherent within its beam(s) which evoke a sense of magic from observers.  The Harmony is an unparalleled display of light and form.  It remains cutting edge art from Silicon Valley.  The Harmony laser sculpture is 9.5” per side and stands 8.5” tall.

These dramatic laser aura effects are fully visible in your darkened room setting.

The Spectral Sonnet Laser Sculpture

The Spectral Sonnet Laser Sculpture
The Spectral Sonnet

Our largest Laser Sculpture stands 56” tall. The Spectral Sonnet displays 2 or all 3 primary (laser) colors (RGB), depending on the installation and it’s lighting goals/needs. The Fiber strung ‘inner box’ has been configured in accordance with Nicola Tesla’s famous 3-6-9 geometric pattern, a pattern he considered as the fundamental reality behind all physical forms. This sculpture can fill an entire auditorium with laser light. We continue to play with the designs, having added a hologram plate as our latest art feature for the truly obsessed.

New Development” The ‘Light Portal” Laser Sculpture

Light Portal" Laser Sculpture

It’s baby’s 1st step regarding the ‘Light Portal’!  Rich and I have proven the latest laser diode technology out of China.  We’ve now added the critical 3rd color (Green) to this sculpture, and have redone the cabinetry with edge-banding and a flat clear finished (not shown in photo).  We hope to display this rainbow colored masterwork at ‘ArtPrize 2023 ’ in Grand Rapids MI this summer.  HERE’S A TEASER PHOTO of the Beta design … the real deal will be shown this fall.

NOTE: We plan to show a series of laser sculptures that join ‘Tesla 369 Geometry’ with ‘String Theory’ in a show called ‘String Theory 369’.  We hope to show 4 or 5 laser works that tie this sculpture theme together in a way that inspires the next generation of light artist to pursue their visions!  NO PHOTO’S WILL BE FORTHCOMING prior to their world premier in Grand Rapids MI Sept 14th.