Mitchell Rezzonico was awarded the 4th Purelight Book Scholarship on May 30, 2013 by Charlie Follis, one of the original members of the Purelight Educational Collaborative. Mitchell graduated from Pioneer High School, and has been accepted into the University of Oregon to pursue his Bachelors degree in Biology. His long terms plans are focused on ‘putting something back’ by studying to become a Medical Doctor.

Mitchell was a key member of Pioneer High’s dynamic student ‘Leadership’ team/class. He was literally the voice of Pioneer students, working the microphone for both daily school announcements and high-energy student rallies in the gym. He was bestowed with the honor to speak on behalf of his peers at Pioneer’s 2013 graduation ceremony.

Mitchell’s friendly disposition and worldly Filipino/Italian family heritage allowed him both wide access and a unique perspective on all aspects of PHS student life. He provided key leadership by participating in a wide range of school/community events such as sports, clubs, and dances – all while holding down a part-time job. Pioneer’s Homecoming was a particularly busy time for Mitchell; he helped organize the school rally, made tackles under the Friday lights, and was crowned ‘King’ of the school at the big dance.

Congratulations Mitchell! Good luck in college and beyond. The world needs your energy and contribution to help slay a number of beasts – medicinal amongst others.