Purelight 2015 Scholarship Winner John Nowel

John accepts PureLight Scholarship.

We are proud to announce John Nowell as our 2015 recipient of the prestigious PureLight / PurePassion scholarship.  John, pictured above with Pure-light’s Leadership teacher liaison Amy Hernandez, is the sixth student to win our ‘book’ scholarship.  He is also our first basketball player to receive this award.  The money behind John’s check originates from Pure-light’s bracket fundraiser “Marchpool.com – the Game within the Game”, which we encourage you to sign-up to play/donate-to byclicking here.John was a leader on the Pioneer high campus on several key levels.  He was a senior participant in the schools acclaimed ‘Leadership’ class.  ‘Leadership’ kids at Pioneer help to foster a positive campus culture by setting examples through student fundraising, event planning, and anti-bullying efforts.  John’s participation on PHS’ highly successful boys Varsity basketball team, and the visibility that came with that success, further transformed him into a role model of sorts for younger students.

Learn more about John

Purelight 2014 Scholarship Winner Queen Isaiah Cacpal

Queen awarded PureLight scholarship.

Queen Cacpal was awarded the 5th annual Purelight book scholarship from Charlie Follis on June 29th, 2014. She has faced and overcome a series of daunting challenges throughout her young life. Her story is a shining example of the American dream in the process of coming true.

Queen was born in Manila, the Philippines. She and her 2 younger siblings moved to Monterey, CA when she turned 12. Together, they rejoined her already transplanted hard working immigrant father. Queen told us she ‘cried herself to sleep every night’ her first 2 years in America while her mother patiently waited in Manila for her U.S. Embassy paperwork to be approved. Learn more about queen >>

Purelight 2013 Scholarship Winner Mitchell Rezzonico

Mitchell Rezzonico awarded PureLight Scholarship.

Mitchell Rezzonico was awarded the 4th Purelight Book Scholarship on May 30, 2013 by Charlie Follis, one of the original members of the Purelight Educational Collaborative. Mitchell graduated from Pioneer High School, and has been accepted into the University of Oregon to pursue his Bachelors degree in Biology. His long terms plans are focused on ‘putting something back’ by studying to become a Medical Doctor.

Mitchell was a key member of Pioneer High’s dynamic student ‘Leadership’ team/class. He was literally the voice of Pioneer students, working the microphone for both daily school announcements and high-energy student rallies in the gym. He was bestowed with the honor to speak on behalf of his peers at Pioneer’s 2013 graduation ceremony. Learn more about Mitchell >>

Purelight 2012 Scholarship Winner Vanessa DiVittorio

Vanessa awarded PureLight Scholarship

Vanessa DiVittorio was awarded the third Purelight Book Scholarship on March 26, 2012 by Ms. Dawn Bieser, M. Ed. Vanessa graduated from Pioneer High School in 2010. She is currently working fulltime at Cirtec Medical systems, and will resume her formal education at West Valley college later this fall. Vanessa plans on majoring in Biomedical Engineering.

Vanessa impressed her teachers at Pioneer from the start of her Freshman year. While other students rocketed off campus at the final bell, Vanessa was a regular attendee of afterschool tutoring sessions. She discovered her passion for Biology from Ms. Kelly O’Hare, a teacher she describes as being ‘very organized’. Vanessa also found joy in Ms. Laurie Kirk’s art class. Vanessa foresees combining her dual passions for art and biology in helping to create Biomedical Animation videos for the benefit of mankind. Learn more about Vanessa >>

Purelight 2011 Scholarship Winner John Lea

John Lea awarded PureLIght scholarship.

John Lea was awarded the second Purelight Book Scholarship on February 18, 2011 by Ms. Priya Talreja, M.Ed. of the Purelight Educational Collaborative. John graduated from Pioneer High School in 2009. He is currently attending De Anza College, where he is working towards an A.S degree in Biology.

John is interested in working in the medical field, with options such as Nurse Practioner or emergency room work heading up his list of challenging career options. Learn more about John >>

Purelight 2010 Scholarship Winner Amber Harris

Amber Harris was awarded the first Purelight Book Scholarship on January 20th, 2010 by Ms. Dawn Bieser, M.Ed. of the Purelight Educational Collaborative. Amber is a Pioneer High School graduate Alumni and is currently attending De Anza College.

“Most Scholarships do not include the expenses for books and other essentials” said Amber. “This will really help me achieve my graduation goals”. Learn more about Amber >>