Laser radiation meters are designed to simulate the human eye.

We use these sophisticated radiation instruments to verify laser power levels are within FDA limits.


All of your laser sculptures’ subcomponents originate from industry leading firms. For example, the lasers we use are rated to last over 20,000 hours of use – that’s over 10 years of work (8 hours a day, 5 days a week)!

We perform exhaustive testing prior to shipping any laser product to your installation site as a matter of good business practice..


All of our laser products follow a key principle of any good design — simplicity.

We use a minimum of parts to achieve the desired aesthetic effects.


Your laser sculpture has been designed to look beautiful with the beam turned off, and stunning with the beam turned on.

PureLight / PurePassion is uncompromising in our approach to the visual quality of your laser purchase. We design products for our own homes, receive and digest critical feedback from friends and family, and offer the final design to you after months of trialing. The beauty of the lasers’ purelight sets a very high bar for our design community to match. The resulting purepassion craftsmanship will be apparent to the viewer of your laser artwork.