Vanessa DiVittorio was awarded the third Purelight Book Scholarship on March 26, 2012 by Ms. Dawn Bieser, M. Ed. Vanessa graduated from Pioneer High School in 2010. She is currently working fulltime at Cirtec Medical systems, and will resume her formal education at West Valley college later this fall. Vanessa plans on majoring in Biomedical Engineering.

Vanessa impressed her teachers at Pioneer from the start of her Freshman year. While other students rocketed off campus at the final bell, Vanessa was a regular attendee of afterschool tutoring sessions. She discovered her passion for Biology from Ms. Kelly O’Hare, a teacher she describes as being ‘very organized’. Vanessa also found joy in Ms. Laurie Kirk’s art class. Vanessa foresees combining her dual passions for art and biology in helping to create Biomedical Animation videos for the benefit of mankind.Learn more about Vanessa.